The South West Adoption Consortium

North Somerset Council


North Somerset Council is an adoption agency which places children with approved adopters.


Who can adopt?


North Somerset welcomes applicants from a range of family circumstances so that we can find the best match for every child.  Each application will be considered on its own merits.


Adopters need to be over 21 years of age and there is no strict upper age limit. As many of our children cannot be placed in the North Somerset area, we welcome applicants from the surrounding areas.  


Who are the children?


Adoptive homes are especially needed for children over the age of two years, for brothers and sisters who need to be placed together, and for children with disabilities. Many children who need an adoptive home have experienced some kind of trauma in their early lives.


Some children keep in contact with their birth families by visits or letters, and all need to grow up with information about their family history.


What’s the next step?


If you would like to discuss adoption and receive an information pack, please contact:


Adoption Practice Group

North Somerset Council,

Children and Young People’s Services

Town Hall,


North Somerset,

BS23 1UJ

Tel: 01275 888236

E Mail: