The South West Adoption Consortium

Families for Children


We are a Voluntary Adoption Agency providing a range of services including work with birth parents and post adoption work. Families for Children is well respected nationally, particularly for its expertise in placing 'hard to place' children, such as groups of siblings, older children, and children with complex special needs including disability, trauma and the effects of extreme abuse. 

We are one of the largest of the 36 Voluntary Adoption Agencies in the country. Over the years we have placed more children than any other Voluntary Agency - up to 40 children each year from all over the country with families in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. 

We place a high value on offering these children and families ongoing support. We recognise the diverse society in which we live and, in the services we offer, seek to meet the complex needs of children, valuing and respecting their culture, identity and personal history.

The children we help are those whose start in life is such that almost all of them need intensive support, and often therapy, to come to terms with their past experiences. Because of our known expertise and issues of child safety, Local Authorities throughout the UK often choose to place children (some in sibling groups) from violent and abusive backgrounds with us, rather than finding families within their own area. We work hard to find special prospective adoptive parents for these children and help them to have realistic expectations of their new family life once the child is placed. 


If you live in Devon, Dorset or Cornwall (including the Isles of Scilly) you qualify to adopt through our agency.  Unfortunately your name cannot be retained on the waiting list if you move out of the area.


For further information, please contact the following:


Graham Pellew

Deputy Executive Officer

Families for Children

Southgate Court




TQ11 0EE


Tel: 01364 645480