The South West Adoption Consortium


SWAC Service


Quote from a Prospective Adopter


"Thank you for all the hard work and effort that SWAC has put in for us along our very long Adoption journey. 


We went to Matching Panel yesterday and got a unanimous yes so as you can imagine after five years of waiting we are finally going to be parents. The little boy was on the SWAC Link Book so that's great that through your services we have found our little boy


The amazing hard work of the SWAC team along with our Agency has been brilliant and made the process for us so much smoother and organised, so thank you all so much." 



SWAC Play Days

Quote from a Professional

“I just want to pass on our thanks for the Play Day. It was really well set up. Great ratio of children to adopters. Fantastic venue. The people setting it up were awesome, really welcoming. I have had feedback from the foster carer of the children I referred and she said that the children really enjoyed the day. We enjoyed the day too and it was well worth attending.


We were able to watch a potential match roll out before our eyes, whether this comes to fruition it was a really positive and heart-warming situation to watch (it was as if the little boy chose his own family.)


One of the benefits also was to speak with adopters and to observe their interaction with children, we can now keep them in the back of our minds for children coming through if they were not linked but seemed suitable.”


Quote from a Prospective Adopter


“We thoroughly enjoyed the Play Day.  It was a really good to meet the children that we have previously read profiles on.  It really does make a difference meeting them in person.   Although we did not find any potential matches, it was a really worthwhile event and we hope to attend future SWAC events.”


Words that describe our Play Days:


  Prospective adopters:


  “Amazing”    “Relaxed”    “Helpful team”  “Enjoyable”   “Interesting”  


“Thought-provoking”  “Comfortable”   “Supportive”   “Above expectations”  


 “Positive experience”   “Useful”   “Well-structured”  


 Foster Carers: 


“Well organised”    “Great for older children”    “Happy faces” 


 “Wonderful team of people”     “Fantastic venue”    “Excellent”